About Us


 I have always wanted to have my own Jewellery business, and from around the age of 16, I started to developed my love for jewellery and gemstones.  It wasn't for another 25 years until I was able to make my dream come true.

 With my love of cats, I always knew the business name would incorporate them in some way,  and that is how The Silver Kitty was born, in June 2014.  

 It has been a long journey starting at markets on Saturday's and Sunday's, along with my husband and I working our regular fulltime jobs.  My husband has been at my side throughout the whole process and encouraging me, even when things were tough. With his confidence and vibrant personality, along with treating our customers with respect and building great rapores with them, we have built up this business to the next stage, to online, in the form of a website.  This has been a long and exciting next step which has involved a lot of trial and error and research.  I have spent many months learning and building the website, which has opened my eyes to what a mammoth task this can be.

My ultimate aim is to design my own range of styles in both Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel.  In doing this, I hope that this will enable the business to stand out from the rest, and end up being the business of my dreams.

 I have always tried to live by the saying,   '  Your Life Is What You Make It '

I have not always found this easy and made many wrong decisions, but ultimately, if you don't have dreams and don't keep trying, nothing will ever happen.

 In the design of my website, I have aimed to keep things simple, clear and with easability to navigate around it.  Many of the styles and designs of the jewellery, I have chosen with great thought and of their uniqueness and style.  

Thank you for taking the time to look at ' The Silver Kitty ' website.  Always feel free to let me know your thoughts.